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Baby Names With American Origin

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Name Origin Meaning Sex
Aaralyn American With song F
Adelie American Noble Meadow F
Adiana American the night's falling reveals the angels' beauty F
Adonica American From Adam and Monica F
Ady American Noble, Kind F
Aira American Of the Wind F
Akasha American Mythological Mother of Vampires F
Alexann American combination of Alex and Ann F
Alexavier American Protector of the New House M
Ally American Of Noble Birth F
Altessa American Noble Reaper F
Alucard American Dracula spelled backwards M
Alyn American Pretty F
Amboy American American boy M
Americus American spanish for america M
Anakin American Warrior M
Andralyn American FROM ANDREA & LYN F
Anfernee American NBA basketball player M
Ashiya American lively and gorgeous F
Asrielle American Earth Angel F
Atha American A jewel said to be sent fron god F
Audyn American Old Friend F
Aura American Intuitive F
Ausheneyah American Wisdom, Justice, and peace F
Austrianna American From far away: peaceful F

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