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Baby Names With Celtic Origin

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Name Origin Meaning Sex
Adair Celtic From the ford by the oak trees M
Adie Celtic little fire U
Aengus Celtic Exceptionally strong M
Afric Celtic Agreeable F
Africa Celtic Agreeable F
Ahearn Celtic Lord of the horses M
Ahern Celtic Lord of the horses M
Aidan Celtic Fire M
Aiden Celtic Fire M
Aife Celtic A great warrior woman of myth F
Aigneis Celtic Pure F
Ailidh Celtic Kind F
Ailill Celtic Mythical king of Connaught M
Ailis Celtic Noble F
Aina Celtic Joy F
Aine Celtic Fire or joy F
Aingeal Celtic Angel F
Airell Celtic Nobleman M
Airic Celtic Agreeable F
Aislyn Celtic Beautiful dream, vision, inspiration F
Aithne Celtic Fire F
Alan Celtic fair or handsome. See also Allen. M
Alana Celtic little rock F
Alane Celtic Fair F
Alanna Celtic Fair F

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