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Baby Names With Chinese Origin

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Name Origin Meaning Sex
Bao Bei Chinese most priceless and precious possession U
Chuan-deng Chinese transmit lamp M
Da Tong Chinese equality for all U
Ji Chinese orange, good harvest, or good luck U
Ji Tao Chinese endless harvest or luck U
Jia Chinese beautiful F
Jian Chinese healthy U
Jing Chinese silent or beauty F
Kuen Chinese fist M
Li King Tung Chinese to look backward and forward U
Ling Chinese dawn or delicate F
Liu Chinese flowing F
Lok Chinese happiness or joy M
Luan Chinese Revolt F
Luk Chinese six U
Mei Mei Chinese Mei means plum F
Ming Mei Chinese Ming means Tea, while Mei means Plum. So, it means Plum tea. M
Quon Chinese shiny, bright, or wise F
Saige Chinese Spice; God's helper F
Shan Chinese coral U
Siyu Chinese thinking of the world F
Sonam Chinese lucky or fortune U
Tao Chinese head path or the way M
Tao Chinese no beginning or end U
Tian Chinese heaven U

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