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Baby Names With Greek Origin

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Name Origin Meaning Sex
Aalydah Greek Variant of Alida F
Adara Greek beauty; or vaiation of Andrianna F
Adonis Greek means ruler or lord. In Mythology, he is super handsome lover of Aprhodite. M
Agatha Greek good and honorable F
Agi Greek variant of Agatha which means good and honorable F
Agnes Greek pure and holy F
Ajax Greek Strong warrior M
Aleatha Greek truth - Alethia, Alithea F
Alecandra suzanna Greek Great protector; Graceful lily F
Alessandra Greek variant of Alexandra which means defender of mankind F
Alexander Greek Defender of men M
Alexis Greek Dirty Blond Hair and Blue eyes F
Alexis Greek Dirty Blond with blue eyes F
Alexis Greek Dirty blond hair and blue eyes F
Alida Greek Meaning:Small Winged One,Noble. F
Alisha Greek variant of Alice which means truth or noble F
Allyriane Greek A stringed instrument, a predecessor of today's harp or guitar. F
Aly Greek A form of Alexander (defender of men) U
Alysia Greek Bond F
Alyson Greek Beauty beyond worth (Alyssum Flower) F
Ambrogino Greek ever living M
Ambrose Greek Immortal M
Amethyst Greek without drunkenness F
Anastasia Greek comming back to life. It is also a female form of the male Anastas. F
Andra Greek Strong and courageous F

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