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Baby Names With Hawaiian Origin

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Name Origin Meaning Sex
Aelan Hawaiian Flower F
Alamea Hawaiian ripe, precious F
Alana Hawaiian awakening U
Aliikai Hawaiian queen of the sea F
Amiee Hawaiian gifted F
Angelina rose Hawaiian The chosen flower F
Danita Hawaiian Goddess Of Beauty F
Eleina Hawaiian variant of Elena which means beautiful light F
Ewalina Hawaiian life F
Kai Hawaiian sea F
Kala Hawaiian Princess F
Kalaila Hawaiian to wash out M
Kalaina Hawaiian Exoctic, Mysterious F
Kale Hawaiian Strong and manly. M
Kalea Hawaiian bright or clear F
Kalia Hawaiian Beauty F
Kaliah Hawaiian variant of Kalea which means bright or clear F
Kamaile Hawaiian Ka-my-lay (Flower) F
Kamea Hawaiian precious one F
Kanani Hawaiian Great Hunter M
Kawailani Hawaiian heavenly water F
Kaylani Hawaiian heaven, sky, or sea F
Kekira Hawaiian lovely one F
Kiana Hawaiian moon Goddess F
Ku Hawaiian god of war M

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