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Baby Names With Hispanic Origin

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Name Origin Meaning Sex
Aidenn Hispanic paradise or Eden F
Amelia Hispanic flatterer, work of the Lord, beloved F
Amellia Hispanic Variation of Amelia F
Aryanna Hispanic Honored F
Barca Hispanic what the Spanish soccer fans call the CF Barcelona, one of the world´s leading soccer clubs F
Brisa Hispanic ocean breeze F
Celia Hispanic heavenly F
Christina Hispanic Follower of Christ. F
Chrisvier Hispanic Combination of Christina and Javier. U
Ciera Hispanic Mountain range F
Ciera Mist Hispanic Mist of saw-tooth mountain range. F
Clara Hispanic clear and bright F
Cristina Hispanic Follower of Christ. F
Exavior Hispanic To be stong M
Felicita Hispanic very joyfull F
Geo Hispanic Georgius a tiller of the ground, husbandman, or vinedresser M
Gonzalo Hispanic Wolf. M
Iyari Hispanic Pronnounced e yaddi F
Jasele Hispanic Fast, or swift to take action F
Kendra Hispanic Beauty in light F
Ladonna Hispanic The woman F
Lalissa Hispanic variant of Larissa which means cheerful F
Larissa Hispanic cherrful or with good spirit F
Leandra Hispanic Lioness F
Luna Hispanic Moon F

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