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Baby Names With Italian Origin

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Name Origin Meaning Sex
Abriella Italian feminine of Abraham M
Allegra Italian happy F
Allegro Italian male variant of Allegra M
Alpiona Italian Mountains F
Amerigo Italian Amerigo Vespucci: Famous Italian explorer M
Amore Italian love F
arabella Italian beautiful F
Arcangelo Italian archangel M
Aria Italian air, melody, tune; specifically : an accompanied elaborate melody sung (as in an opera) by a single voice; a striking solo performance (as in a movie) F
Azzalene Italian Precious, successful and loyal F
Belagio Italian Comes from the a famous casino called Bellagio which means beautiful lake. M
Bella Italian Beautiful F
BellaDonna Italian Beautiful one, or glorious. F
Bellagio Italian Beautiful Lake M
Bianca Italian white and pure F
Capri Italian Daughters name F
Caprice Italian Fanciful, unpredictable F
Donita Italian variant of Donna F
Donna Italian lady of the home F
Elba Italian An island in the Mediterranean F
Elena Italian Light F
Fabio Italian variant of Fabius which means bean farmer M
Fabius Italian bean farmer M
Fantasia Italian fantasy F
Firenze Italian english translation : Florence F

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