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Baby Names With Japanese Origin

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Name Origin Meaning Sex
Ai Japanese love, indigo blue F
Aiko Japanese little, love beloved F
Akemi Japanese beauty of dawn M
Aki Japanese autumn, bright, or sparkle U
Akihiko Japanese smart prince M
Akihiro Japanese great brightness or glory M
Akino Japanese autumn field F
Akio Japanese bright boy (Akira) M
Akira Japanese intelligent or clear U
Akita Japanese The capital city of Akita Prefecture in the Tohoku region of Japan F
Amaterasu Japanese means shine over heaven. Ama means heaven or sky, while Terasu means shine. The name is also the name of the sun goddess. F
Ame Japanese rain M
Ameko Japanese rain child U
Anzu Japanese feminine of ripeness, apricot F
Aoi Japanese hollyhock or blue F
Arata Japanese fresh M
Ayame Japanese iris flower F
Cho-Taro Japanese long boy or first boy M
Dai Japanese large, great, or vast M
Edo Japanese a period in Japan M
Haruka Japanese variant of Haruko F
Haruna Japanese green of spring F
Hikari Japanese light M
Hina Japanese chick F
Hinata Japanese a place in the sun F

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