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Baby Names With Latin Origin

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Name Origin Meaning Sex
Adie Latin man from Hadria or dark one M
Adrian Latin Adria City of Veneto Region from Northen Italy M
Aemilia Latin female variant of Aemilius which is a Roman family clan F
Aemilius Latin Roman family clan M
Aemulus Latin trying to equal, excel, or rival M
Aliana Latin Noble and Gracious F
Altair Latin brightest star of Aquila constellation M
Amari Latin immortal F
Amelise Latin variant of Emily which means hard worker, industrious, or ambitious F
Amika Latin loved friend F
Amiya Latin friendship F
Annalisa Latin grace with the bounty of God F
Annaliza Latin variant of Annalisa which means grace of God F
Aurora Latin dawn F
Bellatrix Latin female warrior F
Christabella Latin variant of Christabel which follower of Christ or beautiful Christian. F
Clarence Latin lives near River Clare M
Constantine Latin It is from the word Constans which means constant and steadfast. M
Darianna Latin variant of Darius F
Dominic Latin lord M
Elia Latin sun F
Emily Latin ambitious or hard worker F
Emmalee Latin industrious; striving. F
Fina Latin Good Quality F
Floryn Latin blooming flower or flourishing life F

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