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Baby Names With Muslim Origin

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Name Origin Meaning Sex
Aahil Muslim prince F
Aariz Muslim worthy of respect M
Alishba Muslim pretty F
Amal Muslim hopes, wishes, and aspirations F
Andeleeb Muslim variant of Andilib which means nightingale F
Andilib Muslim nightingale F
Daneen Muslim princess F
Eiliyah Muslim grow in peace and love with God F
Farhah Muslim lively F
Haseeb Muslim respect M
Heena Muslim an artificial paint for body which is more commonly known as henna F
Isbah Muslim light F
Jian Muslim life F
Misba Muslim innocent F
Raihaana Muslim variant of Raihaana which is sweet aroma of basil F
Raihan Muslim sweet basil M
Raihana Muslim sweet aroma of basil F
Ramsha Muslim beautiful or moon F
Rayyan Muslim The Guard of Heaven (Pengaga pintu surga in Malay) M
Razeen Muslim solem or sober M
Rizwana Muslim beautiful F
Vanzandt Muslim prince of muslim tribes M
Waseem Muslim good looking or handsome M
Zamrud Muslim narrator of Hadith F

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