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Baby Names With Persian Origin

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Name Origin Meaning Sex
Aaryan Persian strong M
Anahi Persian short variant of Anahita F
Anahita Persian means immaculate one. In mythology, it means water goddess F
Arya Persian friend or faithful U
Avan Persian water M
Bijan Persian hero M
Darius Persian royal name M
Jasmianna Persian Jasmine and Anna combination F
Jasmine Persian jasmine flower, gift from God F
Jazmen Persian Variation of Jasmine. It means Flower. F
Khasru Persian king M
Omid Persian hope M
Pari Persian fairy F
Roxana Persian variant of Roxanne which means dawn F
Sahar Persian sunrise or dawn F
Shahana Persian royal F
Shayah Persian deserve or worthy M
Shirin Persian Sweet F

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