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Baby Names With Russian Origin

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Name Origin Meaning Sex
Andrei Russian variant of Andre which means manly or brave M
Annick Russian gracious F
Anya Russian grace or favor F
Armiya Russian Armed Services F
Boris Russian small battle glory M
Comaneci Russian a popular Russian olympic gymnast. Her full name is Nadia Comaneci.
Dzann Russian strong , sweet and bright F
Ilonka Russian Variant of Ilona F
Irena Russian peace F
Jonfen Russian variation of Johnathan M
Katya Russian Short for Ekaterina F
Kira Russian sun or throne U
Misha Russian Russian variant of Michael M
Mishka Russian God like M
Nadejda Russian hope F
Nadia Russian hope F
Nikita Russian always victorious F
Olga Russian Russian princess from Kiev. She converted to Christianity on the 10th century. F
Osh Russian an ancient city in the Fergana Valley of southern Kyrgyzstan, allegedly 3000 years old. M
Rasia Russian great public speaker F
Roza Russian rose F
Russo Russian adjective for Russian. It means something Russian. M
Sacha Russian helper and defender of mankind F
Sanya Russian Defender of man. M
Sasha Russian Short for Aleksandr, Alexander, or Alexandra. Feminine of Aleksandr. U

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