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Baby Names With Sanskrit Origin

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Name Origin Meaning Sex
Aditya Sanskrit belongs to the Sun or descendant of Aditi M
Amare Sanskrit immortal U
Amit Sanskrit infinite U
Anya Sanskrit endless F
Aparna Sanskrit leafless F
Arya Sanskrit noble, great, or truthful person U
Avdhut Sanskrit variant of Avdhoot which means without eathly attachments or care M
Bhavya Sanskrit auspicious F
Chitanya Sanskrit wisdom and enlightenment U
Gaurav Sanskrit self respect M
Hargun Sanskrit good in many things in life M
Isha Sanskrit protector F
Ishaan Sanskrit sun M
Kannan Sanskrit variant of Krishna M
Karthik Sanskrit gives courage and happiness U
Karthikeyan Sanskrit variant of Karthik which means courage and happiness giver U
Kaushik Sanskrit son of Kushika M
Kiran Sanskrit ray of light U
Kumar Sanskrit child, son, or prince M
Lavanya Sanskrit beauty and grace F
Mamtha Sanskrit love of a mother F
Namya Sanskrit honorable U
Nikhil Sanskrit whole, complete, entire, or universal M
Nikunj Sanskrit garden F
Ojas Sanskrit mighty or powerful M

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