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Baby Names Meaning Dear
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Name Origin Meaning Gender
Ahava Hebrew Dearly loved F
Ahave Hebrew Dearly loved F
Ahuda Hebrew Dearly loved F
Ahuva Hebrew Dearly loved F
Aimee French Dearly loved Variant of Amy. F
Alaina Irish Dear child. F
Alaine French Dear child. F
Alana Irish beautiful or dear child F
Alani Irish Dear child. F
Alanna Irish Beautiful. Dear child. F
Alannah Irish Dear child. F
Alayna Irish Dear child F
Alayne Irish Beautiful; Dear child. F
Alianna Irish beautiful dear child F
Allana Irish Dear child. F
Alona Irish Dear child. F
Alonna Irish Dear child. F
Amata French Dearly loved F
Ami French Dearly loved F
Amy French Dearly loved; Beloved. F
Caradoc Celtic Dearly loved M
Caresse French Endearing; Tender touch. F
Cari Spanish Abbreviation of Caridad meaning dear; darling. A star in the Orion constellation. F
Carisa Spanish Very dear. F
Charee French Variant of Cherie Dear one;darling F

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