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Baby Names Meaning Love
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Name Origin Meaning Gender
Accalon Arthurian Legend Lover of Morgan le Fay M
Adonis Greek means ruler or lord. In Mythology, he is super handsome lover of Aprhodite. M
Ahava Hebrew Dearly loved F
Ahave Hebrew Dearly loved F
Ahuda Hebrew Dearly loved F
Ahuva Hebrew Dearly loved F
Ai Japanese love, indigo blue F
Aiko Japanese little, love beloved F
Aimee French Dearly loved Variant of Amy. F
Amada Spanish Beloved. F
Amadeo Spanish Loves God M
Amado Spanish Loves God M
Amala Arabic Bird; Beloved. F
Amanda English Worthy of being loved. Literary; poets and playwrights brought this name into popular usage in the seventeenth century. F
Amata French Dearly loved F
Amedee French Loves God F
Amelia Hispanic flatterer, work of the Lord, beloved F
Ami French Dearly loved F
Amia English Beloved. F
Amia French Beloved. F
Amie English Beloved. F
Amie French Beloved. F
Amika Latin loved friend F
Amor Spanish Love F
Amora Spanish Love F

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