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Name Origin Meaning Gender
Haashrita Indian variant of Hashrita who delivers happiness F
Habib Hebrew Dearly loved M
Hacket German Little hacker M
Hackett German Little hacker M
Hadar Hebrew Glory M
Hadar Hebrew Spectacular ornament F
Hadara Hebrew Spectacular ornament. Adorned with beauty. F
Hadarah Hebrew Adorned with beauty. F
Hadassah Hebrew myrtle tree F
Hadassah Biblical biblical Hebrew name of Queen Esther F
Haddad Arabic Smith M
Hadden English From the heath M
Haddon English From the heath M
Haden English From the heath M
Hadi Arabic right hand of leader M
Hadley English Field of heather. Surname. The name of Hemingway's first wife. F
Hadley English From the heath covered meadow M
Hadon English From the heath M
Hadrian English Son of Adrian M
Hadu German Vigorous battle maiden F
Haduwig German Strife F
Hadwin English War friend M
Hadwyn English War friend M
Hadya Arabic Well-behaved. F
Haefen English Safety M

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