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Name Origin Meaning Gender
Maanasa Indian mind F
Maaz Biblical wood or wooden M
Mab Irish Happiness F
Mabbina Irish Happiness F
Mabelle French Lovable. F
Mabina Celtic Nimble F
Mable English Lovable. Abbreviation of Amabel. F
Mabon Celtic Mythical god of youth M
Mabon Arthurian Legend A knight M
Mabonaqain Arthurian Legend A knight M
Mabuz Arthurian Legend Ruler of Death Castle M
Mac Celtic Son of M
Mac Scottish Son of M
MacAdhamh Scottish Son of Adam M
MacAlister Scottish Son of Alasdair M
MacAlpin Scottish Son of Alpine M
MacAlpine Scottish Son of Alpine M
MacAndrew Scottish Son of Andrew M
Macario Spanish Happy M
Macarius Saints Blessed M
Macartan Irish Son of Artan M
MacArthur Scottish Son of Arthur M
MacAulay Scottish Son of Olaf M
MacAuliffe Irish Son of Olaf M
MacAuslan Scottish Son of Absalon M

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