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Name Origin Meaning Gender
Saadya Hebrew God's helper M
Sabana Spanish From the open plain F
Saber French Sword M
Sabih Arabic Handsome M
Sabina Spanish A Sabine F
Sabino Spanish A Sabine M
Sabir Arabic Patient M
Sabirah Arabic Of great patience F
Sable Slavic black or dark F
Saboohi Arabic resident of heaven M
Sabra Hebrew To rest F
Sabrina English Legendary princess F
Sacha Russian helper and defender of mankind F
Sachdev Indian divine truth M
Sadanand Indian ever joyous M
Sadbh Irish Good F
Sadhbba Irish Wise F
Sadhbh Irish Wise F
Sadia Arabic variant of Sadiya F
Sadie Hebrew Princess F
Sadiki African believe U
Sadiki Swahili sincere or honest F
Sadin Malay Pretending not to care. M
Sadiq Arabic Friend M
Sadira Arabic Ostrich running from water F

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