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Name Origin Meaning Gender
Ya akove Hebrew Replaces F
Ya el Hebrew Goat F
Yaakov Hebrew Held by the heel M
Yachne Hebrew Kind F
Yacoub Arabic Arabic form of Jacob M
Yadira Spanish jade F
Yadira Hebrew beloved friend F
Yadira Arabic worthy, suitable, or island F
Yadra Spanish Mother F
Yaffa Hebrew Beautiful F
Yaffit Hebrew Beautiful F
Yagil Hebrew He will rejoice M
Yago Spanish Supplanter M
Yago Hebrew Supplanter M
Yahoshua Hebrew lord is salvation M
Yahto Native American Blue (Sioux) M
Yahya Hebrew God is gracious M
Yahya Egyptian given by God M
Yair Hebrew Enlighten M
Yajaira Hebrew Precious F
Yakov Hebrew Supplanter M
Yalda Afghanistan Long night? F
Yalda Afghanistan Long night? F
Yale English From the slope land M
Yama African Shine F

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