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Sanskrit Baby Names

The Sanskrit baby names are fast becoming the favorite choice for many parents. It is probably due to the distinct romantic meaning, unique sound, and magical connotation of the baby names. Also, the Hindu religion and Yoga are increasing in popularity.

Sanskrit is an Indo-European language which is the basis for many languages in India. The language is one of the 23 official languages of India. Sanskrit can be seen in ancient literature which includes poetry, drama, religious texts, science, and philosophy. The hymns and mantras wildly use Sanskrit as well.

The yoga masters see the importance to teach yoga poses with the respective Sanskrit names. Teaching the language, they stir the curiosity, inspiration, and interest in yoga. For thousands of years, the Sanskrit was an oral language. It is evident in the spiritual chants and mantras of yoga.

The Sanskrit or Indian baby names convey nature, feelings, and love. For example, Muskan means smile, Khoobsoorat means beautiful, and Khushoo means beautiful smell.

The Hindu baby names have the tendency to be Sanskrit. For example, Krishna (black or dark), Ajit (Invincible), Shiva (benign, kind, or auspicious), and Indra (possessing drops of rain) are Hindu male baby names. Laksmi (sign or mark), and Sita (furrow) are Hindu female baby names.

Krishna, Shiva, and Indra are the names of Hindu gods. Krishna is a Hindu god who is incarnated from god Vishnu. And, Shiva who is the husband of the mother goddess of Parvati is the Hindu god of destruction and restoration. Finally, Indra is a Hindu warrior god of the sky and rain.

Laksmi and Sita are the names of Hindu goddesses. Laksmi is a Hindu goddess of prosperity, good luck, and beauty, while Sita is the Hindu goddess of harvests.

The Sikh baby names have the tendency lean to be Sanskrit too. The name is divided into first and second part. The first part contains har, bal, and man, while the second part contains inder, deep, and pal. For example, Harinder (Hindu god Hari and Hindu god Indra), and Mandeep (lamp of the mind) are Sikh baby names.

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