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Brave Baby Names

The baby names which means brave have always been a popular of choice. In ancient times, ancient civilizations fight for control over piece of land. Historically, Empires take turn to control over piece of land.

Each language has words that mean brave. It serves as a unique baby names in a different country. For example, Richard which means brave ruler is a combination of Ric and Hard German words. Ric is a German word which means power, rule, and leader. Hard is another German word which means brave, hardy, and strong.

Another example, Bald means brave in old English. Archibald (genuine, bold, and brave), Balder (courageous army), Baldric (brave ruler), Baldwin (brave friend), and Ballard (brave and strong) are a few variations.

In the old days, the people have very little choice as an occupation. For example, the hunters, warriors, rulers, fighters, soldiers, and guards are some of the choices. The businesses and industries are still at the early stages.

The attributes of the hunters are good source of brave baby names. At the start of mankind, the humans can only be a hunter or farmer. The hunters will brave the predators like lions, tigers, crocodiles, wolves, and bears to hunt for food. For example of brave baby names, hunter means hunter in English, Atalanta means mighty huntress in Greek, and Grovesnor means great hunter in French.

The great predators in the animal kingdom are admired for its braveness. We used the attributes as baby name. For example, Barnard, Bernard, and Bernhard which are a German baby names means brave as bear.

The guard, fighter, warrior, and soldier will go harms way to protect the king, ruler, or emperor. So, the guard, fighter, warrior, and soldier attributes are highly regarded as brave baby names. For example, Dustin who is from old German and English means brave warrior. Another example, Kenward means brave royal guardian, and Kenway means brave royal fighter.

In many occasions, the counselor and ruler have to handle controversial decisions. So, the counselor and ruler are admired for bravery. And, they quickly became the source for baby names. For example of ruler baby names, Modred means brave counselor, and Conrad means brave ruler.

The weapons became a great source for baby names as well. For example, Kenelm means brave helmet, Garrard means spear hard, and Gerard means spear brave.

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