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Victorian Baby Names

The Victorian baby names are names at Victorian England during the 18th century. Particularly, the baby names are from the 1840 to 1890. Actually, the time period was named after Queen Victoria (1837 - 1901). The baby names gain in popularity for its touch of adventure, romance, and classical.

Some English baby names are borrowed from literature on the Victorian era. For example, the Great White Whale, Adventure of Tom Sawyer, Books of Charles Dickens, and Sherlock Holmes. The names on ancient literature and mythology were also prevalent like Achilles, and Hector.

Names may sound fashionable and trendy on a particular era, but the names may sound the opposite today. For example, the Pink and Dink which are baby names meaning the color pink and high income couple respectively are the top 300 baby names on Victorian era (1881). Today, the Pink and Dink may sound a little awkward.

Many names originated from the Holy Bible. As a matter of fact, the biblical baby names are dominant on the Victorian era. For example, John, Thomas, James, Joseph, Samuel, Jacob, Mary, Margaret, Sara, and Ruth have biblical origin. Actually, many biblical names are still popular today.

Virtuous baby names are dominant on the Victorian era as well. For example, Chastity, Hope, Mercy, Prudence, and Charity are virtuous baby names on Victorian era. Mostly, the virtuous baby names are for female baby names.

In some names, the first and middle name fuses together to form a single first name. For example, Sarah Ann, Marie Louise, Marie Grace, Henry James, and Frank Williams were first name in which the first and middle name were fused together. This baby naming practice appeared in multiple times in census, marriage, and public records.

The society in Victorian England was divided into upper, middle, and lower class. The family who belong to the upper class used the baby names prevalent to the upper class. As time goes by, the middle and lower class improves to higher class. The baby names which were prevalent on the higher class trickled down to the lower class.

The royalty, religious, and political leaders also influenced the baby names. For example, George, William, Victoria, and Elizabeth are royalty baby names.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The 18th century means the 1700s. The 19th century means the 1800s. The 1800s are NOT 18th century.

August 22, 2008 7:36 AM  
Blogger Dennis Estrada said...

You are right. Thank you for the clarification.

August 23, 2008 9:44 PM  

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