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Baby Names From Great Women Rulers Part I

The great women rulers are often admired for their wits, courage, kindness, and influence. As a result, the parents often use their names as baby names. Here is a list of great women rulers.


She ruled as Queen of Egypt on 15th century BC (before Christ). And, she was one of the earliest ruler baby names. Her legacy was remembered to promote the trade and arts, and build the Dei El-Basri Temple.


She was the beautiful Queen of Egypt on 14th century BC. In fact, her sculpture shows the lasting beautiful. At first, she worshipped and honored Aten religion. Later, she changed her religion to Amon who is God of the sun.


She ruled as Queen of Assyrians on 9th century BC. She battled for control of Babylonia which expanded control to surrounding lands. Using the Euphrates River, she irrigated the Tigris. During her reign, she also restored the vibrant Babylon which is capital of Babylonia.


She was highly educated in Philosophy and international relations. And, she ruled as Queen of Egypt on 69 to 30 BC. Losing slowly the grip of her crown and country, she teamed up with Julius Caesar. Finally, Mark Anthony of Rome financed the battle of Octavian for her. In spite of all the finance and protection, she still lost the battle. Even though she was unsuccessful as a Queen, Cleopatra remains one of the most popular ruler baby names.

Eleanor of Aquitaine

She was the Queen of France and England on 1122-1202. When she married King Louis VII of France, she became the Queen of France. Her marriage falls apart. Then, she married Henry II who became the King of England. She worked hard to maintain control of Southern France, and manage her children and grand children on her entire life.

Joan of Arc

In spite of being born by peasant family, she leads the French army over the English, and takes control of New Orleans. The Burgundians captured Joan in which England paid for her release. Later, she was tried for counts of fraud and witchcraft. However, Joan can only be guilty of wearing of male clothes which is a crime in the old days.

Isabella I of Castille

By the way, Isabella is a Spanish baby name which means God of plenty. After she married Ferdinand of Aragon on 1469, she ruled the whole Spain with her husband. She implemented the policy to deter the rebels against her, reduced the bureaucracy of the government, and promoted the scholarship program. Gained control of Andalusia, she expelled the 170,000 Jews in the area. And, the Granada which was the last remaining territory of the Moors was conquered together with Ferdinand. Unfortunately, Isabella and Ferdinand were expelled from Spain on the end.

Catherine De Medici

Catherine is an Anglo-Saxon baby name which means innocent. Catherine was originally from Florence, Italy and Medici family. She ruled as Queen of France after she married Henri Duke of Orleans. Then, Henri Duke became the King of France. She was instrumental to bring the Italian culture to France, and reconcile the Christians and Protestants. The peace between Christians and Protestants shattered after the massacre of 1,570 Protestants. The general public was outraged. At the same time, the general public blamed her.

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