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Baby Names From Great Women Rulers Part II

The great women rulers have ruled ancient and modern civilizations for centuries. Rulers are pre-dominant men. When women rule a kingdom or civilization, the women serve as an inspiration to many. Therefore, the names of the women ruler become the favorite baby names on their time.


Her reign spans between 1542 and 1587. At the age of six days old, she became of the Queen of Scotland. She married King Francis II who past away the next year. So, she went back to Scotland. In Scotland, she faced several scandals and controversy which lead to revolts. The revolts forced her to flee to England. However, Queen Elizabeth saw her as a threat to her throne. After Queen Mary was implicated to another series of scandals, she was executed.

Mary is a baby name which comes from Hebrew. It is a baby name which means bitter. As the Christianity spreads in Scotland, Mary rises in popularity as Scottish baby name.

Elizabeth I

Her reign spans between 1533 and 1603. Beating the odds, she managed to become a Queen of England. She was responsible to strengthening of the currency, promoting the capitalism, turning the court into learning center, and defeating the Spanish invaders on 1588. Eventually, she turned England as a powerful force in Europe of commercial and intellect.

Elizabeth is a Hebrew baby name which means may God is bountiful. In the holy bible, Elizabeth is the mother of John the Baptists. And, Elizabeth is one of the most frequently used English baby names.


As the Queen of Nigeria, she ruled from 1560 to 1610. Her greatest achievements are building of defensive mud walls, opening of trade routes to the south, and enriching Nigeria with gold and cola nuts.

Amina is an Arabic baby name which means trustworthy. In African-American, Amina means ready to battle. Jessamina and Jamina are a French and African-American baby names variation of Amina.

Mbande Nzinga

As the Queen of Angola, she ruled from 1582 to 1663. She ruled a guerilla army to resist the Portuguese and conquer the Kingdom of Matamba. With the Dutch alliance, she prevented the Portuguese advancement. Although she accepted a peace treaty with the Portuguese, she continued to reject the Portuguese advancement.

Catherine the Great

Originally, Catherine came from Germany to Russia. In 1729, she married the Duke Peter. The unpopularity of Duke Peter leads to his demise. With help of his unpopularity, she had overthrown him. Suppressing the Polish with her autocratic rules, the Polish with Crimea and parts of black sea separates from Russia.

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