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Baby Names From Great Women Rulers Part III

Rulers are predominant men. We like to cheer for the underdogs. When a woman would rule the kingdom or civilization, we like to embrace the heroic feat. Their names become famous baby names. Here are some more great women rulers.


Being the longest Queen in English history, the name became most popular English baby name. Victoria is an English baby name which means conqueror.

She was a symbol of the British colonial power, because she was the Queen in the era. As a matter of fact, her reign was called Victorian age. She was married to Prince Albert. After Prince Albert deceased, she went into great depression. Nobody saw her in two years.


She was an Empress from 1835 to 1908. She rises in influence when his only son past away. All the decree must be approved by her. After his son deceased, she refused to give up her power. Using the state funds, she build palace and sold promotions. It is untimely expenditure as the Japanese beats them in 1890. Under her reigned, she dealt the rising western influence.


She took control on the Hawaiian throne. After taking control, she tried to amend the current constitution and fixed the economic depression. Since the constitution held the monarchy ineffective, she pushes to reform the constitution. Later, she was held liable for uprising. So, she was the last Queen of the Hawaiian Monarchy. With her unpopularity, Liliuokalani did not become a popular Hawaiian baby name.

Gold Meir

She was originally born on Ukraine, but she lived a little bit in United States. After she moved to Israel, she started to get involve in labor movement. Later, Israel became a state. Elected in parliament, she became the Minister of Labor and Minister of Foreign Affairs. The events lead to becoming the Prime Minister in 1969. Due to Yom Kippur War, she was forced to retire.

Indira Gandhi

Her father was Jawarhalal Nehru who is the first Prime Minister of India. Coming from a politician family, she was always passionate on politics. After she lead a campaign to separate from Great Britain, she was put into jailed. In 1966, she was elected as Prime Minister. In spite of her push to land reform and nationalization of banks, India suffered economic depression. Riots were rampant which lead to emergency rule. In the process, the left leaning politics was jailed and the press was censored. In 1977, she lost to election and faced corruption charges. In 1980, she was re-elected Prime Minister. However, Sikh assassins assassinated her in 1984. That is to revenge the actions on Sikh temple.

Indira is a Sanskrit baby name which means splendid. Indeera is the only variant to Indira. The baby name reaches the peak of popularity in 1990.

Margaret Thatcher

Being a lawyer, she entered into politics 1959. She handled various ministerial posts. In 1979, she finally won an election for Prime Minister. In her reign, she cuts the public spending, limits the money supply, and raises the interest rates. With her opinions on USSR invasion on Afghanistan, and Falkland Islands War over control, she was called the Iron Lady. In 1990, she retired as Prime Minister of England.

Margaret is a Greek baby name which means pearl. In Ireland, Margaret is a name of a saint. It is so popular that Margaret serves as name of nine Queens on England, Scotland, France, and Austria.

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