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Saint Names For Babies

Parents choose saint names for their babies. It is believe that the saint names control the destiny of the baby such as meaningful life, career, and relationships. By faith, the saint acts as a patron or guide throughout life of an individual.

The saint names are given to babies in baptism on Catholic Church. The baptism which is a religious ceremony purifies the babies and signifies Christian membership. Using the holy water, the religious minister purifies the baby.

In many countries, they celebrate the saint day as the birthday of the baby. Sometimes, the parents choose name the baby with the saint on the actual birthday. And, the family celebrates the saint day and birthday at the same time.

The act of using saint names started on earliest Christianity. The Canon Law in 855 states to stay away from names that is outside the scope of Christianity. The Canon Law is a legal system of the Roman Catholic Church which includes courts, judges, and lawyers.

The Christian baby name began in the pagan days of the Europe. The Pagans converted into Christianity thru baptism. Thereby, the Pagans drop the Pagan names for biblical baby names.

In 325 AD, the Roman Catholic Church prohibits the pagan names like Marcus and Diana. Marcus is a Spanish baby name which means warlike. On the other hand, Diana is a French baby name which means Greek Goddess of the moon.

In 1545 AD, the Roman Catholic Church ordered the use of saint names mandatory in Roman Catholic baptism.

In 1600 AD, the Protestants reject the Catholic saint names. The Protestants are another sect of Christianity with different beliefs from the Roman Catholic. Needing a baby name on Christian baptism, the Protestants use the names from the Old Testament of the Holy Bible such as Elijah and Joshua. Elijah and Joshua are baby names meaning Jehovah is God and God is salvation respectively.

To be saint is a tough act to follow. First, the candidate must perform at least two miracles. Second, the candidate must have good personality. Third, the candidate must have supernatural influence. However, the act of martyr also leads to sainthood.

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