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Cocktail Female Baby Names

The cocktails are fancy drink in which the drink includes a mixture of several liquor and flavors. Gaining a fan based, the name of cocktails passes to our culture as baby names. Either the cocktails are naming the baby or the inventors are naming the cocktails.

After removing the prohibition on alcohol, the art of mixing drinks became popular. Back in the 1850s, the alcohol was bootlegged. By mixing liquor and flavors, the alcohol was masked to be bootlegged. Now, the cocktails are widely accepted and available.

Brandy, Margarita, Morgan, Sherry, and Saki are female baby names which are also popular liquor or cocktail drinks. Brandy is basically distilled wine which contains forty to sixty percent ethyl alcohol. Brandy is a popular English baby name which has several variations. Brandyce and Brandyn are some of the variations.

Margarita is a cocktail from Tequila, Triple Sec, lime, or lemon. The Tequila is liquor from Agave plant. Most of the times, the bartender serves the Margarita on a salted glass rim. Margarita is a Spanish baby name which means pearl. In Latin, Margarita means the flower daisy.

Morgan sounds like a male baby name. Actually, Morgan is more common to female baby names. Morgan is taken from Captain Morgan Rum. Morgan is a Celtic baby name which means lives, dweller, or fighter of the sea.

Sherry is wine from Jerez, Spain. In Spanish, the wine is called Vino de Jerez. Sherry has a distinct taste, because Sherry is mixed with Brandy after the fermentation. Sherry is an English baby name which means from the white meadow. Also, Sherry is a variant of French baby name called Cherie.

Saki is taken from Sake which is Japanese rice wine. However, the Sake is more of a beer with the fermentation process. Saki is a Japanese baby name which is derived from the Japanese rice wine. In English, it is pronounced as Saki.

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