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Cocktail Male Baby Names

The cocktail is an art of mixing the liquor, and flavor to create delicious drinks. The cocktails have been around for more than a century. Parent who really likes a particular cocktail chooses the name of cocktail as baby names. Here are few favorite baby names which may have originate from cocktails.

Collins, Gibson, Jack, John, Johnnie, Killian, and Miller are male baby names which is also the name of a popular cocktails, or liquor. Collins is an English baby name which is short for victory of Nicholas people. Tom Collins is also a popular cocktail which is a combination of gin, sour flavors, and carbonated water. Brandy Collins (Brandy), Jack Collins (Applejack), John Collins (Rye), Michael Collins (Irish whiskey), Ron Collins (Rum), Jock Collins (Scotch Whiskey), Comrade Collins (Vodka), and Jose Collins (Tequila) are variations of Tom Collins. By replacing the gin, Tom Collins changes to a different name.

Gibson is another English baby name which means son of Gilbert. Gibson is also one of the many variations of Martini. Traditionally, Gibson is a Martini which is garnished by pickled onion. Probably, Dana Gibson invented the Gibson cocktail. Challenging the taste of the original Martini, Dana substituted the olive with onion.

Jackie, Jacky, and Jackson are Scottish baby names which are derive from Jack. Jack means the graciousness of God. Jack is also part of Jack Rose which is a classic cocktail. The cocktail combines Applejack, Grenadine, lemon, and lime juice into a tasty classic cocktail.

Johnnie is a modern variation of John which is an English baby name. Johnnie is taken from Johnnie Walker. It is the most widely distributed Scotch Whiskey in the world.

Killian is a Celtic baby name which means blind. However, Killian is also an Irish baby name which means strife or fierce. Irish developed a taste for the popular Irish beer called Killian.

Miller is one of the occupational baby names. It is an English baby name which means the grain grinder. Miller is also a popular beer called Miller. To work in a mill is one of the oldest occupations. In fact, the mill is an important development in the advancement of agriculture.

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