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Baby Names And Destiny

The beliefs that baby names shapes the destiny has been around for thousands of years. In many culture, the baby names has the power and influence the destiny of the baby. Discovering the true meaning of the baby names, you can discover potential of the baby names.

Destiny is a baby name in itself. The baby name is an old French or English baby name which means fate or fortune. The most common variations are Destanee, Destina, Destinia, Destine, Destinee, Destiney, Destini, and Destinie.

Destiny is more popular for female baby names. However, there are male baby names which sound similar. For example, Destin, Dustin, Dustyn, and Dustan sound similar.

In African countries, the baby is given two names. The first baby name is for public use, while the second baby name is kept secret. It is to ward off the evil. Since the evil spirits are unable to find the secret name, the evil spirits are unable to harm the baby.

For Romans, Names are destiny. In fact, there have a popular saying. It is Nomen est omen which literally means Names are destiny. During ancient Roman times, the soldiers with victorious baby names were chosen to be the leaders.

In ancient times, Europeans use the Runic Systems to understand the personality and attributes of the baby names. Runic Systems consist of Runic Alphabet or Symbol. Each symbol has a hidden meaning. First, the baby name is converted into a set of Runic symbols which tells deep understanding of the personality and attributes of the baby names.

In scientific research, the baby with terrible baby name experience low self confidence, lower school grades, and emotional problems in life. Scientifically, Robert, John, and Steve are more successful in life. However, there were unusual and unique baby names which gained great success. Nowadays, the celebrities pick unusual and unique baby names. Their babies may be as successful like them.

The destiny number can be extracted from the full birth name thru numerology. Basing from the chart, you can get the numerical value for each letter. All the numerical values for each letter are added to form the total numerical values. For example, the total numerical value for Dennis is 29 (4 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 9 + 1). Next, you reduce the total numerical until you get a single digit. For example, the next total numerical value is 11 (2 + 9). As you can see, 11 is still a double digit. So, we repeat the step. And, we get 2 (1 + 1). Therefore, the destiny number is 2.

The baby with destiny number 2 needs a great understanding of the people and surroundings. The baby will grow up as a people person, great communicator, and peace maker. They know how to deal with other people. The sensitivity to others feeling is a great asset to be a great philosopher, visionary, advisor, counselor, teacher, and coordinator.

The holy bible speaks of the importance of spiritual meaning of baby names. Particularly, the chapter 22 and verse 1 of Proverbs states that spiritual is better than great wealth. In short, the baby names are chosen for spiritual meaning rather than literal meaning. For example, Ariel literally means lion of God. Spiritually, Ariel means powerful leader.

Using Kabbalah, the Jewish analyzes the baby name to discover the deep understanding of the personality and spirituality. Jewish religion is based on ancient mystical philosophy called Kabbalah. Knowing the importance of the baby name, you can discover the fate and fortune.

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