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Brave Baby Names

The baby names which means brave have always been a popular of choice. In ancient times, ancient civilizations fight for control over piece of land. Historically, Empires take turn to control over piece of land.

Each language has words that mean brave. It serves as a unique baby names in a different country. For example, Richard which means brave ruler is a combination of Ric and Hard German words. Ric is a German word which means power, rule, and leader. Hard is another German word which means brave, hardy, and strong.

Another example, Bald means brave in old English. Archibald (genuine, bold, and brave), Balder (courageous army), Baldric (brave ruler), Baldwin (brave friend), and Ballard (brave and strong) are a few variations.

In the old days, the people have very little choice as an occupation. For example, the hunters, warriors, rulers, fighters, soldiers, and guards are some of the choices. The businesses and industries are still at the early stages.

The attributes of the hunters are good source of brave baby names. At the start of mankind, the humans can only be a hunter or farmer. The hunters will brave the predators like lions, tigers, crocodiles, wolves, and bears to hunt for food. For example of brave baby names, hunter means hunter in English, Atalanta means mighty huntress in Greek, and Grovesnor means great hunter in French.

The great predators in the animal kingdom are admired for its braveness. We used the attributes as baby name. For example, Barnard, Bernard, and Bernhard which are a German baby names means brave as bear.

The guard, fighter, warrior, and soldier will go harms way to protect the king, ruler, or emperor. So, the guard, fighter, warrior, and soldier attributes are highly regarded as brave baby names. For example, Dustin who is from old German and English means brave warrior. Another example, Kenward means brave royal guardian, and Kenway means brave royal fighter.

In many occasions, the counselor and ruler have to handle controversial decisions. So, the counselor and ruler are admired for bravery. And, they quickly became the source for baby names. For example of ruler baby names, Modred means brave counselor, and Conrad means brave ruler.

The weapons became a great source for baby names as well. For example, Kenelm means brave helmet, Garrard means spear hard, and Gerard means spear brave.

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Arabic Baby Names

The Arabic baby names are names from Arab speaking world also known as Muslim baby names. That is because Muslim is predominant in the Arab speaking world. Hence, some baby names are not really Arabic such as Iranian and Turkish baby names.

The Arabic baby names may be quite long. The Arabic baby names may consist of Ism (given name), Laqab (nick name), Nasab (parent name), and Nisba (family name). In same cases, the Kunya (which means first born son) precedes the baby names.

The Muslim religion have great influenced on the Arabic baby names. Many Arabic or Muslim baby names use the ninety eight attributes of Allah. In Arabic, Allah means God. Abd Al which means “servant of the” precedes many baby names. Similarly, Al or El means the article “the” in English. For example, Abd-Al-Sami means servant of all hearing, Abd-Al-Rashid means servant of the all guided, and Abd-Al-Jabbar means servant of the mighty. Now, Abdul is more common form of Abd Al.

The descendant names of Muhammad are also popular choice. For example, Umar, Ali, Bakr, and Fatima are descendants of Muhammad. Umar (strong supporter of Muhammad), Ali (cousin of Muhammad), Bakr (father in law of Muhammad), and Fatima (daughter of Muhammad) are baby names meaning life, lofty, young camel, and abstain respectively.

The names of prophet became popular as well. For example, Ibrahim which means father of many is counterpart of Abraham, and Mariam which means sea of bitterness is counterpart of Mary.

A great number of baby names start with Al (which means the), Ibn (which means song of), and Abu (which means father of). El means the same as Al. Al can also mean the tribe or clan of origin in some regions of Arab. For example, Al-Amir means the prince, Al-Asad means the lion, and Al-Fakhir means the proud. Another example, Abu Kadir means father of Kadir, Abu Idris means father of Idris, and Abu Ishaq means father of Ishaq.

By adding the letter A or H at the end, anybody can turn the male baby names into female baby names. For example, Khalida is a female baby name of Khalid, Hashima is a female baby name of Hashim, Abdullah is a female baby name of Abdul, and Iyyah is a female baby name of Iyya.

Many baby names also have modernized or shortened. For example, Avicenna (Ibn Sina), Achmed (Ahmed), Amurath (Al Murad), Saladin (Salah Al-din), Aladdin (Al-din), Nureddin (Nur Al-din), and Almanzor (Al Manzor).

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Victorian Baby Names

The Victorian baby names are names at Victorian England during the 18th century. Particularly, the baby names are from the 1840 to 1890. Actually, the time period was named after Queen Victoria (1837 - 1901). The baby names gain in popularity for its touch of adventure, romance, and classical.

Some English baby names are borrowed from literature on the Victorian era. For example, the Great White Whale, Adventure of Tom Sawyer, Books of Charles Dickens, and Sherlock Holmes. The names on ancient literature and mythology were also prevalent like Achilles, and Hector.

Names may sound fashionable and trendy on a particular era, but the names may sound the opposite today. For example, the Pink and Dink which are baby names meaning the color pink and high income couple respectively are the top 300 baby names on Victorian era (1881). Today, the Pink and Dink may sound a little awkward.

Many names originated from the Holy Bible. As a matter of fact, the biblical baby names are dominant on the Victorian era. For example, John, Thomas, James, Joseph, Samuel, Jacob, Mary, Margaret, Sara, and Ruth have biblical origin. Actually, many biblical names are still popular today.

Virtuous baby names are dominant on the Victorian era as well. For example, Chastity, Hope, Mercy, Prudence, and Charity are virtuous baby names on Victorian era. Mostly, the virtuous baby names are for female baby names.

In some names, the first and middle name fuses together to form a single first name. For example, Sarah Ann, Marie Louise, Marie Grace, Henry James, and Frank Williams were first name in which the first and middle name were fused together. This baby naming practice appeared in multiple times in census, marriage, and public records.

The society in Victorian England was divided into upper, middle, and lower class. The family who belong to the upper class used the baby names prevalent to the upper class. As time goes by, the middle and lower class improves to higher class. The baby names which were prevalent on the higher class trickled down to the lower class.

The royalty, religious, and political leaders also influenced the baby names. For example, George, William, Victoria, and Elizabeth are royalty baby names.

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The Namesake Teaches The Importance Of Baby Names

The Namesake which is base on Pulitzer Prize winning book by Jhumpa Lahiri is a movie about the Indian immigrants who came to America for a better life. Ashoke (husband) and Ashima (wife) bore a son in an American hospital. Since the hospital resists to discharging the baby without a baby name, the husband and wife was force to name the baby.

The husband and wife gave Gogol as the baby name. The name came from the favorite author of father named Nikolai Gogol. Unlike their Indian roots, Gogol is actually one of the popular Russian baby names.

In India, the families may give a birth name. After a few years, they may decide to change the birth name to an actual Indian baby name. And, the families would consult their friends and relatives for the best Indian baby names. At the end, they would know the genealogy, meaning, and origin of the baby name.

At elementary school, Gogol prefers his given baby name. At four years old, he was too young to know. Growing up in American, he was often teased about his name. He started to hate and wanted to change his name. After hearing about the biography of Nikolai Gogol, Gogol consulted his family to change his name. Then, he managed to chang his name to Nick.

Meanwhile, Nick slowly loses his Indian customs and traditions. He started to date an American girl who is played by Jacinda Barrett. He is also spending more time with the family of his girlfriend.

Later, Nick introduced his American girlfriend to his parents. They had wonderful dinner except for the dessert. Ashoke forgot about the dessert. Ashoke and Nick went out to get the dessert. It is the perfect time to reveal the secret. Ashoke revealed the story behind Gogol.

Working far away from home, Ashoke regularly visits his father by train. There was a regular passenger who always recommends the book of Nikolai Gogol. Ashoke began to read Nikolai Gogol which became his favorite author. Unfortunately, the train had an accident. Many perished from the accident.

Laying on the ground helpless face down, Ashoke holds the first few pages which show the title and author of the book. The first few pages sticks up and waves as the wind passes. The medical team who is searching for survivors notices the first few pages of the book. That first few page of the book saves the life of Ashoke. After the accident, the life of Ashoke was blessed and meaningful. Ashoke decided to name the baby as Gogol.

After a few years, Ashoke died. Nick started to think about his Indian roots which caused the break up with his American girlfriend. The events lead to meet a Bengali girl who was arranged to marry him. Nick started to like her. And, they got married in a traditional Indian marriage.

Finding the love affair of his wife, Nick confronted her. Later, Nick was single once again.

Here comes the time to sell the parents house. Ashima wants to be liberated. Like her name, Ashima is a baby name meaning limitless or boundary less. As they are moving and packing, Nick discovered the book of Nikolai Gogol which was given as gift by his father. On the first pages, there was a note to Nick which brings tears in his eyes. The book started to grow on him. He began to read the book.

We rate the Namesake as five out of five stars. When you can see the movie for rent or theater, you should do yourself a favor to watch. The movie will open your mind to the importance of baby names.

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