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Female Baby Names Start With P
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Name Origin Meaning Gender
Pabla Spanish Little F
Paciencia Spanish Patient F
Padraigin Irish Noble F
Page French Attendant F
Paheli Indian a riddle F
Paili Hebrew Bitter F
Paj Swedish pie, beautiful, shy, or willing F
Pakwa Native American Frog (Hopi) F
Palak Hindi eye lashes F
Palba Spanish Blond F
Pall Hebrew Bitter F
Pallavi Sanskrit fresh branches or leaves F
Palmira Spanish From the city of palms F
Paloma Spanish Dove F
Pamelia French honey all sweetness F
Pamuy Native American Water moon (Hopi) F
PandyAna Native American Resurrected Goddess F
Pansy French Flower F
Paquita Spanish Free F
Paradise Hawaiian Oasis F
Pari Persian fairy F
Paridhi Indian extent of the power of the kingdom, king, or ruler F
Parnella French Rock F
Pascala French Born at Easter F
Pascale French Born at Easter F

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