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Female Baby Names Start With R
Search for the unique female baby names by name or alphabet
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Name Origin Meaning Gender
Ra English Doe F
Raananah Hebrew Unspoiled F
Rabah Hebrew Fourth born F
Racheal Hebrew variant of Rachel which means ewe (a female sheep) F
Rachel Hebrew Female sheep F
Rachel German Lamb F
Rachel Hebrew Ewe F
Rachele Hebrew Ewe F
Rachelle French Lamb F
Radella English Elfin counselor F
Radhika Indian Success, lord krishna's wife F
Rae English Doe F
Rae Hebrew ewe F
Raedself English Elfin counselor F
Raeleen Hebrew variant of Rae which means ewe F
Raelynn Hebrew variant of Rae F
Rafa Arabic Happy F
Rafela Hebrew Healer F
Ragnall Arthurian Legend Gawain's wife F
Rahi Arabic Spring F
Rahil Hebrew Innocent F
Rahimateh Arabic Grace F
Rahula Indian bond F
Raicheal Irish Name of a saint F
Raihaana Muslim variant of Raihaana which is sweet aroma of basil F

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