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Female Baby Names Start With V
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Name Origin Meaning Gender
Vadit Hebrew Rose F
Vafara French Brave F
Vagessa American Variant of Vanessa. It means Free and Womanly. F
Vahida Arabic One and Only F
Vaishnavi Sanskrit worshipper of Lord Vishnu F
Vala German singled out F
Valaida American Famous jazz trumpeter of the 1950's F
Valborga German Protecting ruler F
Valentina Spanish Brave F
Valeraine French Brave F
Valere French Brave F
Valeria Latin to healthy or strong F
Valerie English Strong; valiant. Feminine of the Roman family clan name Valerius. F
Valerie French Brave F
Valerie Latin strong and healthy F
Valina Latin variant of Valentine which means strong and healthy F
Valkerie English In Viking Mythology, goddess of the underworld. Reaper of souls. F
Vallery Latin variant of Valeri which means strong and healthy F
Vallipriya Indian Love F
Vanda German Wanderer F
Vande German Wanderer F
Vanesa Spanish Variant of Vanessa. F
Vania Hebrew God's gift F
Vanna Hebrew God's gift F
Vanya Indian gift of God F

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