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Female Baby Names Start With V Page 2
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Name Origin Meaning Gender
Vanya Russian gracious gift of God F
Varda Hebrew Rose F
Vardit Hebrew Rose F
Vared Hebrew Rose F
Varoodhni Indian pure one F
Varsha Sanskrit rainfall F
Varshini Hindi wife of Sri Ram F
Vedetta French From the guard tower F
Vedette French From the guard tower F
Vega Arabic Falling F
Vegas Spanish Fertile valley F
Velda American Velda is the name of Mike Hammer´s secretary in the famous crime novel series by Mickey Spillane. F
Velouette English Soft F
Velvet English Soft F
Vendela English Beautiful Bantu F
Venetia Celtic Blessed F
Ventura Spanish Good fortune F
Venus Latin goddess of love and beauty in Roman Mythology F
Vera Russian faith F
Vera Latin truth or faith F
Vera Spanish truth or faith F
Verdad Spanish Honest F
Verena German Protector F
Verene German Protector F
Verina German Protector F

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