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Female Baby Names Start With W
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Name Origin Meaning Gender
Waki Native American Shelter (Hopi) F
Walborgd German Protecting ruler F
Walda German Ruler F
Waldhurga German Protecting ruler F
Waleis English From Wales F
Wallis English From Wales F
Wanda German Wanderer F
Wanda Polish wanderer F
Wande German Wanderer F
Wandy German Wanderer F
Waneta Native American Charger F
Wanetta English Pale F
Wanika Hawaiian gift from god F
Wann English Pale F
Waqi Arabic Falling F
Warda German Guardian F
Welcome English Welcomed F
Welda German Ruler F
Welsie English From the west F
Welss English From the west F
Wenda English Comely F
Wendi English Literary; a created name that first appeared in James Banie's Peter Pan. F
Wendy English means blessed ring. The name appeared in Peter Pan by James Barrie. F
Wenhaver Arthurian Legend Arthur's queen F
Wenona Native American Firstborn daughter F

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