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Female Baby Names Start With Z
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Name Origin Meaning Gender
Zabrina English Forms of Sabrina; a princess F
Zachila Hispanic A town in Mexico F
Zada Arabic Huntress or fortunate. F
Zafirah Arabic Victory F
Zahara Arabic shining, luminous F
Zahavah Hebrew Golden F
Zahirah Arabic Dazzling F
Zahra Arabic White F
Zahrah Arabic White F
Zaiah Hebrew Feminine of Isaiah meaning Salvation by God. F
Zaida Arabic lucky, fortunate, or prosperous F
Zaina Arabic beautiful F
Zaira Irish Irish form of Sara princess F
Zakira Hebrew variant of Zachariah F
Zakiya Swahili intelligent F
Zakiya Hebrew pure F
Zala Slavic beautiful F
Zalee Hebrew variant of Sara which means princess F
Zaltana Native American High mountain F
Zamora Spanish From Zamora F
Zamora Hebrew Praised F
Zamrud Muslim narrator of Hadith F
Zanae English variant of Janae F
Zandra Spanish Variant of Alexandra defender of mankind. F
Zandra English Defender of mankind. Feminine of Alexander. F

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