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Name Origin Meaning Gender
Naal Irish Name of a saint M
Naalnish Native American He works (Navajo) M
Naalyehe ya sidahi Native American Trader (Navajo) M
Naaman Hebrew Pleasant M
Nab Scottish Abbot M
Nabi Ulmalhamsh Arabic Prophet of war M
Nabil Arabic Noble M
Nachman Hebrew Compassionate M
Nachton Scottish Pure M
Nadav Hebrew Gives M
Nadeem Arabic variant of Nadim which means friend M
Nadim Arabic Friend M
Nadir Arabic Dearly loved M
Nadiv Hebrew Noble M
Naftali Hebrew Wreath M
Naftalie Hebrew Wreath M
Nahash Arabic Snake, serpent M
Nahcomence Native American Oldbark antelope (Cheyenne) M
Nahele Native American Forest M
Nahiossi Native American Has three fingers (Cheyenne) M
Nahum Hebrew Compassionate M
Nairne Scottish From the alder - tree river M
Najjar Arabic Carpenter M
Naldo Spanish Strong M
Nally Irish Poor M

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