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Name Origin Meaning Gender
Wacfeld English From Wake's field M
Wacian English Alert M
Wacian Anglo-Saxon Watchful M
Wacleah English From Wake's meadow M
Wacuman English Watchman M
Wada English Advancer M
Wadanhyll English From the advancer's hill M
Wade English Advancer; Medieval given name from Scandinavian mythology. Also English surname referring to a water crossing. M
Wade Anglo-Saxon Moving M
Wadley English From Wade's meadow M
Wadsworth English From Wade's estate M
Waed English Advancer M
Waefreleah English From the quaking aspen tree meadow M
Waer English Wary M
Waerheall English From the true man's manor M
Waeringawicum English Fortress M
Waescburne English From the flooding brook M
Wafiyy Arabic Loyal M
Wagner German Wagon maker M
Wahanassatta Native American He who walks with his toes turned outward (Cheyenne) M
Wahchinksapa Native American Wise (Sioux) M
Wahchintonka Native American Has much Practice (Sioux) M
Wahkan Native American Sacred (Sioux) M
Wain English Craftsman M
Wainwright English Wagon maker M

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